A five-year SEO campaign yields a 200% increase in targeted onsite conversion and a 900% increase in average monthly online sales for a fire equipment manufacturer.

Data Dames Case Study 1 Firehose

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Goal for Client

Increase average monthly website sales year over year.

Strategy & Tactics

  • Keyword research with user intent
  • On-page optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Link building
  • Web analytics


Over a five-year period, my digital marketing strategies helped my client achieve a 200% increase in targeted, on-site conversions. By June 2018, the company’s average monthly web sales had increased more than 900%.

Website Analytics for Turn on the Firehose


Helping Online Sales Flow

SEO case study Data Dames MarketingHooking up to a significant source of orders

When I began working with this B2B manufacturer of fire fighting equipment in 2013, the company averaged just $2,860 in monthly sales from their website. They received the vast majority of their sales over the phone. While phone sales remained an important strategy, my client needed to make better use of their website.

Objective: Increase overall sales.

Goal: Grow average monthly website sales year over year.

Strategy: Optimization of site for search and conversions.

Pumping up revenue with digital marketing tactics

  • Optimize landing pages with researched keyword targeting, including on-page content and meta tags.
  • Implement third-party, Google-verified review provider that displays both in search results and on the site, which help to reinforce authority and customer satisfaction.
  • Optimize conversions by adding clear, concise calls-to-action and forming messaging around page objectives.
  • Optimize top-level navigation to reflect how people search. Sub-navigation redesigned to include sub-category products nested under intuitive parent products.
  • Build links through content distribution to industry relevant online publications, which helped to drive targeted traffic to the site.
  • Implement Google Analytics to track key metrics.

Case Study shows 5 years of SEO value - Data Dames Marketing

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