Align Marketing Strategy to Business Objectives

With so much noise in the digital marketing space (tools and platforms and apps, oh my!), making progress with marketing initiatives requires focusing your efforts on what’s most important to your business. Our Total Marketing Strategy Process is designed to help marketing and sales managers at small to midsized organizations align marketing strategy, tactics, and metrics with big-picture goals and objectives. If you’ve considered hiring a fractional CMO, this approach may be exactly what you are looking for.

Total Marketing Strategy Process


To begin the Total Marketing Strategy Process, we partner with you to establish a marketing alignment plan. The goal: to help you make progress toward accomplishing specific business objectives and quantitative goals.

Often, the objectives our clients have include:

  • Boost brand strategy and strength
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Grow lead acquisition & attribution
  • Increase sales, revenue, donations, and more
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Enter a new market

As we align marketing strategies and tactics with your objectives and goals, we strive to engage organizational decision makers and your sales and customer service teams as stakeholders. We also define metrics to help gauge success, as well as how they will be meaningfully measured.

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When it’s time to put your plan into action, the Data Dames will bring our in-depth digital marketing knowledge and experience to the table in the following areas:

  • Web analytics
  • Technical SEO
  • User experience (UX) and conversion optimization
  • Brand and product / service messaging
  • Content marketing, including SEO copywriting, email marketing, technical writing, and feature writing
  • Reputation management
  • Social media advising
  • Media and public relations
  • Integration of online and offline marketing tactics

You may already work with other marketing pros who have different skills than we do. That’s why we’ve become masters of collaboration, capable of working productively with your team to seamlessly integrate our services. Or, if there’s a marketing skill you need, we can help you find someone who has it!

Our network includes marketing specialists in creative and technical disciplines, such as search engine marketing (SEM), brand storytelling, web development, social media management, graphic design, videography, and more.

Measuring Outcomes


We measure and analyze the outcomes from your MAP to determine how successful the strategy has proven to be. In addition, this analysis helps inform new strategies. The measurement part of our process is essential in helping you identify what worked, what didn’t, what you should do next, and what the business impact could be.

Then it’s time to revisit your marketing alignment plan to see how we can help you achieve more!

Contact us to find out how the Total Marketing Strategy Process can work for you.

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