A Fractional CMO Gives You Freedom

If you have a growing small business, it may be getting harder and harder to wear all the hats, but hiring an in-house marketing manager may not be in your plans just yet. Choosing Data Dames Marketing as your fractional CMO (chief marketing officer) may be the ideal solution.

Strategic Marketing Planning

Our approach to the fractional CMO process can be defined in four words: strategize, implement, measure, repeat. As your partner in strategic marketing planning, our goal is to help you make progress toward accomplishing specific business objectives and quantitative goals.

Often, the objectives our clients have include:

  • Boost brand strategy and strength
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Grow lead acquisition & attribution
  • Increase sales, revenue, donations, and more
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Enter a new market

As we align marketing strategies and tactics with your objectives and goals, we strive to engage organizational decision makers and your sales and customer service teams as stakeholders. We also define metrics to help gauge success, as well as how they will be meaningfully measured.

Marketing Plan Implementation

When we implement your marketing plan, we will make the most of our many years of traditional and digital marketing, advertising, and public relations experience. In addition, we will provide project management and work closely with any preferred marketing collaborators. If we need to fill a skill gap, we’ll help you find the right professional.

Marketing Plan Measurement

We measure and analyze the outcomes from your marketing plan to determine how successful the strategy has proven to be. In addition, this analysis helps inform new strategies. The measurement part of our process is essential in helping you identify what worked, what didn’t, what you should do next, and what the business impact could be.

Then it’s time to revisit your marketing alignment plan to see how we can help you achieve more!

Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more.