Customized Internet Marketing Services

Whether you manage marketing on your own or with the help of a small team, meeting expectations can be hard. Marketing is multifaceted, always evolving, and an industry that requires more technical knowledge and tools than ever before. Sometimes you need an affordable outside resource for focus, fresh ideas, and marketing know-how.

Because our clients have different needs, Data Dames Marketing offers internet marketing services in several ways:

  • On-demand advising by the hour
  • Short-term project work
  • Long-term, retainer-based consulting partnerships
  • Website design & development
  • Fractional CMO services
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Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Services


Marketing Consulting

With Data Dames, you’ll get smart marketing advising and consulting powered by data intelligence. Get our insights as part of a short-term or project-based deep dive into your marketing endeavors or, better yet, consider engaging us as long-term strategic marketing partner.

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Web Design & Development

Instead of focusing on images, colors, and code, plan your website development process with important marketing fundamentals in mind. Data Dames' website design approach pinpoints your site’s purpose, structure, and function to determine the best transition strategy right from the start.

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Fractional CMO Services

Get the best of Data Dames' meaningful, measurable marketing. From development and implementation of a strategic marketing plan to analysis of metrics and KPIs, we deliver affordable fractional CMO services that give you freedom to focus on your running your business.

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